The Full Frame Team

We Get the Results That Other Companies Can’t

Joe Deobald

Brand Producer and Creative Driver

I graduated from BCIT and SFU with a degree in media productions for print and web. After graduation I started working with a tech company that had a website builder. Learning the ropes of how tech companies work, I worked my way up to being the Lead Creative Director and was in charge of all internal and external branding. Working with a lot of different companies I say a consistent problem. They hated their web guys. They we’re getting ripped off, incomplete projects, and the whole ‘it’s taking longer then expected’ excuse. I was tired of the name they ‘website design companies’ were giving to us hard working design professionals. So I created Full Frame Marketing Inc. I wanted a company that delivers on a promise, creates a lasting communication, and proves that not everyone is in it to make a quick buck.

  1. Ran with the bulls in Spain – 3 times
  2. Started my first company (landscaping and recycling) when I was 13
  3. Enjoys all things spicy
  4. Broken every finger (some more than once)
  5. Master Chef (in my own home)

Stuart Cooke

SEO, Creative and Content Writer

Stuart was born in the UK, and lived there until he was 12 years old. His family then moved to Bermuda, and so he spent his teenage years hanging out on beaches and swimming in pools. Truly a terrible experience.

He moved to Canada for post secondary education, attending Queen’s University and studying film and Business-Marketing.

  1. Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu
  2. Has never lost a game of Monopoly
  3. Red hair
  4. Is a big fan of Marmite
  5. Can actually write in cursive

Justin Dang

Web and Front End Development

Justin is a web designer and front-end developer from the beautiful city of Vancouver. Coming from a helpdesk support and back-end web developer background, he has grown to love designing simple and complex websites using the latest web technologies.

  1. Loves electronic dance music
  2. Loves weightlifting and powerlifting
  3. Enjoys playing competitive dodgeball
  4. Can box jump 4 feet
  5. Almost lost an ear due to frostbite while snowboarding at Sun Peaks

Ajay Singh

Backend Development

Ajay has been developing since he was a junior in high school. Over the years he’s gained a vast knowledge of programming languages that carry across multiple platforms. He has a passion for ease of use, clean code, and efficient timelines. He brings a great management skill to the team where he manages 4 junior developers

  1. Recently got married
  2. Loves to play Cricket
  3. Great Cook
  4. Has 8 brothers and sisters
  5. Lives to Code

Board of Directors

Dean Gagnon   –   Rachel Cheng